Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine Manufacturer/Supplier in India

Fully Automatic Chapati Machine
Fully Automatic Chapati MachineITEM CODE : KC-902FAMCM
Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier in India, Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine in India. Our Fully Automatic Chapati Machine in India are widely appreciated owing to its high efficiency in preparing Chapati in a rapid manner, saving both time and labor. These machines are durable, corrosion resistant, & dimensionally accurate and are offered in customized .

• Fast production
• Save precious time
• Very easy operation
• Low production cost
• Very less labor need
• Very hygienic preparation
• Uniform baking and puffing
• Fuel cost minimize efficiently
• Ready to fry puris can be prepared
• Dough can be fed without any pre-forming

Dimension (MM) Chapati thickness(MM) Weight Per Chapati(GRMS) Electric Power(kw) Gas Consumption(KG/H) Capacity(chapati /hour) Weight of Machine (KG) Other Discription
2700LX700WX1000H 2 50 2.5 2.2 1000 400 Approx Single phase motor not less than 1.5 HP
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