Fully Automatic Electric Ice Crusher Manufacturer/Supplier in India

Ice Crusher Fully Automatic
Ice Crusher Fully AutomaticITEM CODE : KC-1007 ICM
Fully Automatic Electric Ice Crusher Manufacturer & Supplier in India, Fully Automatic Electric Ice Crusher in India. Available in various sizes and model.it could be customized as per buyer's requirement & specification.

• Compact design, luxurious appearance.
• Full automatic running and easy to use.
• Supply with air intake and exhaust in cabinet side.
• A power overloading and water shortage protective device.
• Auto-detecting system and ice storage full control device.
• High efficiency CFC free compressor, economical and low energy consumption.

Dimension(MM) Voltage(V/Hz) Motor Speed(R.P.M) Max. output(KG/H) Net Weight(KG)
236(L) x 353(W)474(h)  220-240 /50 73 180 10
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