Gas/Electric Lava Grill Stone Manufacturer/Supplier in India

Lava Grill/Stone (Gas/Electric)
Lava Grill/Stone (Gas/Electric)ITEM CODE : KC-207LG
Gas & Electric Lava Grill Stone Manufacturer & Supplier in India, Gas & Electric Lava Grill Stone in India. Lava Grill a versatile unit to cook skewered meat, two full chickens and turkey over a manual rotisserie, baked potato, fish, vegetarian kababs, corn etc. Permit easy variation of height from heat source to control speed of cooking.

• Rust proof
• Fine finish
• Cost effective
• Easy to Operate
• Highly Duraible

Dimension(MM) Voltage(V/Hz) Heating Element(KW) Net Weight(KG)
670LX635WX850H 220/50 12 105
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