Roller Grill Crepe Machine Manufacturers/Supplier in India

Roller Griller Crepe Maker
Roller Griller Crepe MakerITEM CODE : KC-812 CDG400
Roller Grill Crepe Machine Manufacturers & Supplier in India, Roller Grill Crepe Machine in India. Roller Grill 400CDG in India has enamelled cast iron ensures even cooking, with minimum fat and no pre-seasoning necessary. Spiral elements, like star-shaped burners, distribute heat evenly, essential when it comes to making the perfect pancake. Drawer to keep warm dishes or pre-cooked crepes. Supplied with wooden spealer.

• Low Maintenance
• Heating Process
• Easy to Operated
• Spiral Element
• Stainless steel 304
• Star Shaped Burners

Model Outside Dimension(MM) Voltage(V/Hz) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG)
CDG 400(Roller Grill) 860L x500WX240H 220/60 6.4 32
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