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Kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation Equipment

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation Equipment in Amritsar

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers in Amritsar, Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation Systems at Best Price in Amritsar. The Kitchen ventilation system in Food industry has a major role in expelling the hot gases, steam with protecting the life of exhaust equipment's. We have served a number of kitchen application areas like Tandoor, Samosa Sleeves, Cooking Kitchens, Frying Kitchens, Commercial kitchens. We have delivered ommercial Kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation Equipment in Amritsar to reduce all kitchen ambient concern with fresh air system, which is treated, cooled, with effective jet velocity to create a more comfortable environment for the operator. Industrial kitchen application can't be handled with recirculation system it always requires 100% fresh cooled air to create positive pressure for outside dust resistance. Kitchen hood is the heart of industrial kitchen ventilation system. Hence we have developed in-house kitchen hood manufacturing unit that incorporates all the aspects of the industrial kitchen.

Exhaust Hood

Product Code  KC-1301 EH

Island Type Exhaust Hood

Product Code  KC-1302 ITEH

Exhaust Fan

Product Code  KC-1303 EF

Air Washer Plant

Product Code  KC-1304 AWP

Co-Axial Fan

Product Code  KC-1305 CAF

Centrifugal Blower

Product Code  KC-1306 CB

Exhaust Fresh Air Ducting

Product Code  KC-1307 EFAD

Exhaust Hood

Product Code  KC-1308 EH

LPG Bank Pipeline

Product Code  KC-1309 BP